A Day in the Life at Lucy Sky: Budtending and Beyond

Morning Routine: Opening the Boutique

As I arrive at Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique in Sheridan, CO, the crisp morning air fills my lungs. It’s 8:30 AM, and I’m ready to start another exciting day as a budtender. After entering the secure facility, I begin my opening duties:

  • Checking inventory levels
  • Ensuring all products are properly labeled
  • Sanitizing surfaces and display cases
  • Reviewing any new product information or policy updates

Mid-Morning: Welcoming Our First Customers

As the clock strikes 9:00 AM, we open our doors to eager customers. Whether they’re from Littleton, Bow Mar, or Englewood, each visitor receives personalized attention. My first interaction is with a medical marijuana patient seeking relief for chronic pain. I carefully explain the different strains and consumption methods, ensuring they leave with the most suitable product for their needs.

Lunchtime: Team Meeting and Education

During our lunch break, the team gathers for a quick meeting. We discuss new products arriving from our cultivation facility in Greenwood Village and share customer feedback. Our manager also conducts a brief training session on the latest cannabis research, keeping us informed and able to provide the best advice to our customers.

Afternoon: Busy Hours and Diverse Clientele

The afternoon brings a steady stream of customers from all walks of life. From curious first-timers to experienced connoisseurs, each interaction is unique. A couple from Cherry Hills Village stops by, looking for cannabis-infused edibles for a relaxing evening. I guide them through our selection, explaining dosages and onset times.

Evening: Closing Time and Reflection

As we approach closing time, I assist with inventory reconciliation and cleaning duties. Before leaving, I take a moment to reflect on the day’s experiences. Working at Lucy Sky Cannabis Boutique isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to educate and help people improve their lives through the benefits of cannabis.

From Sheridan to Englewood, our boutique serves as a beacon for those seeking quality cannabis products and expert advice. As I head home, I’m already looking forward to another fulfilling day tomorrow at Lucy Sky.